We are asking the public for help to tell your local leaders/ congressmen/ senators, etc to contact the House Oversight Committee / Judicial House Committee/ and inform them of the violations that the DOJ Northen District Prosecutors did to cover up a scandal.   Send a signal that they cannot get away with this in your community of DFW.  They are supposed to SERVE JUSTICE and TRUTH!! If you would like to help please email    help @ theyliedagain.com   (we are also looking for the best team of Civil Rights lawyers in the COUNTRY/ House Oversight Committee congressmen/ local Texas leaders they all need to know the TRUTH!)  we need ETHICAL FEDERAL AGENTS TO COME FORWARD and EXPOSE THE UNETHICAL PROSECUTORS AND UNETHICAL AGENTS who HAD the CHANCE to Do the Right thing. 

Watch the videos below to remind yourself of the High Profile Case that this was, then you will understand why the DOJ didnt want the PUBLIC to know the TRUTH how they GOT IT WRONG, but much worse they had to control the Secret Operation the small handful in the DEA never wanted TEXAS leaders to know that CHAPA was RUNNING DRUGS INTO AMERICA, while being an INFORMANT. Texas Spends Millions of Dollars on Border Security and for this failed Obama DOJ/DEA Policy to bypass all that hard work? There is no way TRUMP would think its a BRIGHT IDEA to MOVE Cartel Bosses to America. This case was so High Profile it would have public backlash if they knew the TRUTH!! Look at what happened with Kate Steinle in a Failed City Policy of Sanctuary cities, imagine the backlash if public knew that DEA/DOJ made a deal with Gulf Cartel boss , moved him to Southlake TX.  Allowing him to still do his illegal activity which caused rival cartels in Mexico to force Professional Mexican Private Investigators into america, and while they are here they TRICKED AMERICANS and visited their cousin in McAllen TX computer shop. Now the DOJ rail roads an INNOCENT American.   NOW do YOU SEE the COVERUP why they had to label him as guilty and they made the public focus on a 10 year revenge story that is false! Now do you see the LIES when THE FBI said they didnt know how to SUCCESSFULLY RECORD CEPEDA-CORTES INTERVIEW, the truth is they did fully record it but they didnt want the JURY or DEFENSE LAWYERS to have it? 

Let us introduce you to the TRUTH, and present to you the LIES of Prosecutors who feel they have the Licensed to LIE, and RUIN the Reputation of Families.  ​Here you will learn about the LIES told by the Justice Department, in the coverup scandal
of the Southlake TX Cartel Boss Murder of Juan Jesus Guerrero Chapa
(Northen District of Texas Fort Worth/ Dallas)
​ Eric Holder, John Parker, Joshua Burgess and Aisha Saleem are responsible for 
The Cover up, Wrongful Indictment, Conviction and Sentencing of
Jose Luis Cepeda Cortes
The Question is WHY?  Why did they seek a conviction and NOT Truth & Justice
He was not responsible for the death/ nor was part of a conspiracy of murder!
Quite simply, there is a bigger story the USDOJ doesn't want you to know!!
Ask yourself "Why did Eric Holder seek the Death Penalty 9/10/14 on a
​case that hadn't finished its investigation? And resign 2 weeks later 9/25/14?
 Why did Prosecutors try to force Cepeda Cortes to admit to LIES
with bogus Plea Deals and threats of false prison snitches if he goes to trial? 
Why did FBI LIE that the Interview was not fully recorded because of camera failure?
But yet they indicted him saying he confessed to conspiracy??
The FBI lied and submitted False statements! In order to change and control the Story they wanted the public to believe. In order to protect an Operation that DEA/ DOJ approved but does not want the PUBLIC to know . Worse than Fast N Furious!!!!  

The Fort Worth DOJ Office/ Violated the strict Policy that Eric Holder mandated to be followed by all federal agencies July 11th 2014, Electronic Records for Statements by Individuals in Federal Custody which was a direct violation of the Civil Rights of Jose Luis Cepeda. This policy was proudly enforced and introduced by Eric Holder, and for this local Ft Worth office to have complete disregard that it doesn't apply to them or their cases that they choose fit? Jose Luis Cepeda Cooperated with FBI when they FINALLY went to inform him of an investigation and they had questions for him. He spoke to them for 3 hours telling them details. But yet the DOJ forced the FBI to say that he admitted to conspiracy of murder, but that they didn't record it.  These false FBI statements were used just so they can detain Jose Luis Cepeda and figure out how to spin the truth the way THEY WANTED, on the huge High Profile Case of when a Cartel Boss/ Juan Guerrero Chapa, was murdered by illegal mexican hitmen team in Dallas Southlake TX while working for the Government in secrecy.   CEPEDA-CORTES didn't know any of this, and didnt even know that CHAPA was the leader of Gulf Cartel,  he has only learned all of this while preparing for trial and all the discovery provided that the DOJ fought very hard from wanting the PUBLIC to know about, which would prove that there were many others who wanted to kill CHAPA, and CEPEDA-CORTES had nothing to do with it.  It would prove why so many people were tricked and double crossed, but DOJ prevented any of this evidence into court.  Ask yourself why and how did this get done? What was being told to the Judge behind closed doors to prevent Exculpatory BRADY Evidence that would had proved CEPEDA-CORTES INNOCENCE. 

Jose Luis Cepeda had nothing to do with that nor did he have ANY IDEA that his cousin was being DOUBLE CROSSED from a fake law firm in Mexico, nor did Jose know that the DEA was allowing this cartel boss to be running drugs into america all during the same time as Fast N Furious.  The Local POLICE/ and TxDPS had NO IDEA because this was a complete secret, and the DOJ/DEA now didnt want the PUBLIC to know that an INNOCENT AMERICAN (JOSE) was rail roaded to help the DEA/DOJ change the TRUTH into a LIE that the DOJ wanted  . As you will learn with the information provided here plus the audios.  The responsibility was with Jesus Ledesma and Jesus Campano, as we all learned thru discovery and even before TRIAL they all gave statements and testified for 15 months how they never revealed to their American cousin why they were coming and going from Mexico that they said it was a white collar lawfirm case helping Mexican bank.   The DOJ got desperate that CEPEDA-CORTES was taking the GOVERNMENT TO TRIAL so the DOJ took advantage of Mexican Jesus Campano who doesnt know how American legal system worked and scared him with his position of desperation and they forced CAMPANO to do FALSE TESTIMONY to completely say some agenda the DOJ DEA wanted.   The DOJ preferred the public hear about a REVENGE killing from 10 years ago, to distance the DEA/DOJ from CHAPAs bad acts.  The Public would hate to know that because of the DEA allowing CHAPA to live in Southlake and Run the Gulf Cartel, which then caused Rival cartels in Mexico to force hire NON Cartel Private Investigators (LEDESMA/CAMPANO)

The DOJ also forced Campano with a secreat plea deal to testify for them because remember DOJ had no evidence on JOSE and plus as a reminder, they were in a PICKLE for ILLEGALLY detaining him and lying about his INTERVIEW, so they NEEDED TO to find him guilty since the DOJ violated his CIVIL RIGHTS they were now DESPERATE to get a FALSE WITNESS. A DIRECT VIOLATION of DOJ Policy is to purposely or willing allow FALSE TESTIMONY but in this case THEY FORCED IT. The ANSWER IS WHY?  What is SO BIG that required this LEVEL of INJUSTICE!!  Because they are HIDING SOMETHING WORSE THAN FAST AND FURIOUS!!!  This is why Eric Holder IMMEDIATELY STAMPED the DEATH PENALTY ON JOSE CEPEDA case, even before DOJ had finished its investigation and interviewing people.  Eric Holder seeked death penalty because this allowed the LOCAL DOJ Prosecutors EXTRA time to delay before TRIAL.  It required more work on DEFENSE to GET THE BOGUS DEATH PENALTY OFF THE TABLE, allowing the DOJ time to spin their web of lies... 

Jose Luis Cepeda Cortes is INNOCENT and HAD NO KNOWLEDGE and was NEVER PART OF A CONSPIRACY for MURDER that he has been charged with. People of Dallas Forth Worth/ and especially the Southlake Tx Community, YOU DESERVE THE TRUTH!!!   There is NO EXCUSE for the Justice Department to have LIED TO ALL OF YOU, including LOCAL POLICE and STATE AGENCIES that have been LIED TO by DOJ.    The Prosecutors knew that Mexican Private Investigator Jesus Ledesma/Jesus Campano, (relatives) tricked Jose and never revealed who they were working for.  When Ledesma would cross into america/ Mcallen TX, he always presented himself as someone working as a Private Investigator for Attorneys representing a Bank on an white collar/embezzlement case.  Prosecutors knew Cepeda Cortes is innocent  but they chose to seek a conviction, instead of Truth and Justice for the public to know.  The question is why did the USDOJ fight so hard to get their conviction?  The reason they didnt want to accept Ledesma testimony of how he tricked Jose Cepeda Cortes, is because he also gave many details of other things. Ledesma/ and his lawyers gave details about how CHAPA was the De facto head of the Gulf Cartel and he was forced under duress to be a private investigator but they didnt include him with the MURDER PLOT and they double crossed him since they knew LEDESMA would not had been working for them if they told him they were going to do a MURDER. 

The government did find multiple GPS trackers on LEDESMA vehicle which LEDESMA testified that the Rival cartel was using them to TRACK where he was at to make sure he was working.  AGAIN Ledesma never told any Americans he was forced and tracked by cartels.      LEDESMA testified he tricked his cousin since it was hard for him to RENT in america, so he ABUSED HIS AMERICAN COUSIN TRUST, and social engineered Jose Luis Cepeda to end up buying things on Amazon/ Academy Sport good store, and to translate english public records.   Jose Luis Cepeda was completely clueless that his cousins was helping cartels. Jose Luis Cepeda KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT CARTELS and is SHOCKED HE IS IN PRISON and that EXTREME LIES THE GOVERNMENT DID.  Jose believed LEDESMA because LEDESMA for MANY YEARS was a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR.   LEDESMA told the TRUTH to the FBI/DOJ, BUT WHY did they want to label LEDESMA a LIAR?  The DOJ knew there would be PUBLIC BACKLASH if the public were to find out that Eric Holder approved the DEA to do this operation during 2008-2013 and now that it blew up in their face, they had to make a fake story to spin.   This is why the DOJ put so much effort/energy into making CAMPANO, to LIE. Over 15 months Campano said the same story how their american cousin was tricked!!  But the DOJ was worried this was going to TRIAL and the PUBLIC would learn the TRUTH!!  So after putting CAMPANO into a desperate situation of facing life/death penalty, they coerced him into false TESTIMONY!!!   The DOJ told MEDIA they now had a STAR WITNESS.  They did this LIE, in order to scare JURY to convict Jose!! There is a bigger coverup of something they are hiding,  the USDOJ prosecutors felt they HAVE THE LICENSE TO LIE!!   

- 8 Audio files from Prison Phone calls,  POWERFUL Audio Testimony  from Jose himself detailing the LIES the USDOJ said and how they used their FBI Agents to go along with the LIES.   Specifically, the LIE THAT THE CAMERA in the INTERVIEW FAILED ON SUCH A HIGH PROFILE CASE BUT YET THEY INDICTED HIM SAYING HE CONFESSED IN INTERVIEW and they lost their proof.  That didn't stop them to keep him in jail all this time. They used FALSE FBI STATEMENTS TO UNLAWFULLY DETAIN HIM. 

- Documents the USDOJ filed to taint the Public/ Jury Opinion- ​Document 181 and many others.